Mensch-Computer-Systeme B.Sc.
Human-Computer Interaction M.Sc.

Bachelor thesis

Application for Bachelor thesis

In consultation with the supervisor of the work, the application for assignment of a Bachelor Thesis must be submitted in writing to the Examination Office. To do this, complete the application form for a Bachelor thesis together with your supervisor and have it signed by the Examination Board.

Notes on finding topics

Contact potential supervisors at an early stage to define a topic for the project or thesis. Calls for topics can be found on the following pages:

Should you consider writing your thesis at the HCI Chair, please see the notes on Writing a Thesis / Process on the websites of the HCI Chair.

Notes on writing a thesis

For more information, please refer to the Writing a Thesis of the HCI Chair. Regulations on the language and formatting of the thesis can be found in the ASPO, §23 paragraph (9) and (10).

Instructions for the submission of the final thesis

The submission of a thesis at the Examination Office comprises the following documents:

  1. The thesis three times in printed form, each with declaration of honor signed by hand
  2. Two of the three copies have to be attached with a CD or USB stick that incluedes a digital version of the thesis, ideally including digitally signed declaration of honor, as well as if available code and other relevant materials such as questionnaires, evaluations, etc.

Notes on how to change the title

For a change of title after a successful registration of the Bachelor thesis, an informal letter with the following content must be handed in at the examination office:

  1. Name, address, matriculation number, course of studies, type of work
  2. New title of the work
  3. Signature of the supervisor
  4. Own signature