Mensch-Computer-Systeme B.Sc.
Human-Computer Interaction M.Sc.

Job-oriented internship

In the Bachelor's degree course, a job-oriented internship with a minimum total duration of 10 weeks must be completed (see the respective “Fachspezifische Bestimmungen”).

Please note the following points:

  • The total duration of 10 weeks can be divided into several internships.
  • The minimum running time for an internship is two weeks.
  • Internships can also be completed part-time, during semesters, and are then billed according to the weekly working time for the 10 weeks.
  • Students must first have the potential internship approved by the Examination Board (form see below).
  • Furthermore, students must register for the internship module in sb@home in the semester in which it has been completed. A retroactive posting is not possible.
  • After completion of the internship, the internship must be confirmed by the internship office (form see below).
  • In addition, according to FSB, internship report (see below) must be written (two pages).
  • Among other things, this is intended to help younger semesters in their internship search.
  • A prerequisite for a successful completion of the job-oriented internship is the submission of all the documents mentioned to Mr. Chris Zimmerer (e-mail possible).

Requirements for the bachelor’s internship

The following criteria should at least be fulfilled to recognize a bachelor's internship:

  1. Minimum period of two weeks
  2. Supervisor has university degree in HCI, computer science or psychology, at least Bachelor level
  3. Practical work is clearly located in the HCI context


The following figure illustrates the process that must be taken when completing a creditable internship.

Prozess Praktikum

Forms and templates

Potential providers for internships

In the following, potential providers of internship positions are listed in an incomplete and non-binding form, in order to provide students with a first clue for the search. We advise students to choose internships with care, as it is to be expected that the addresses and lengths of the internships will not be ignored in later applications.
Please help to keep this list up-to-date! Share improvement suggestions with the Academic Counselor (also for company representatives).

Large companies (more than 250 employees)

Company Employees Sales in million € Sites in Germany Headquarters Sector
Adobe Systems 14 154 (2015) 4 482 (2016) München, Berlin, Hamburg San Jose (USA) Cloud computing, Cognitive computing, Information technology
Airbus 72 816 (2015) 64 450 (2016) Hamburg, Donauwörth (Helicopters), u.a. Blagnac (Frankreich) Aerospace
Audi 84 435 (2015) 58 420 (2015) Ingolstadt u.a. Ingolstadt Automotive
BMW 122 244 (2015) 92 180 (2015) München u.a. München Automotive
Continental AG 212 000 (2016) 39 200 (2015) Nürnberg, Ingolstadt, Ulm, München, u.a. Hannover Automotive
DATEV 5 700 (2010) 672 (2009) Nürnberg u.a. Nürnberg Data processing, Buisness Software, Consulting
Daimler 284 015 (2015) 149 500 (2015) Stuttgart u.a. Stuttgart Automotive
General Electric 305 000 (2015) 140 390 (2015) Garching u.a. Boston (USA) Technology
Google 57 100 (2015) 69 673 Berlin, Hamburg, München Mountain View (USA) Internet, Computer software, Computer hardware
IBM 377 757 (2015) 76 374 (2015) München (Watson), Böblingen (R&D), Ehningen (R&D) Armonk (USA) Cloud computing, Cognitive computing, Information technology
Porsche 24 481 (2015) 21 530 (2015) Stuttgart u.a. Stuttgart Automotive
Robert Bosch GmbH 374 778 (2015) 70 607 (2015) Renningen (R&D), Hildesheim (R&D), u.a. Gerlingen Technology
SAP 82 426 (2016) 20 790 (2015) Walldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, München u. a. Walldorf Enterprise Software 19 000 (2015) 6 227 (2016) München San Francisco (USA) Cloud Computing, Buisness Software
Siemens 348 000 (2015) 75 630 (2016) München, Erlangen, Berlin u.a. München und Berlin Technology
Volkswagen 610 000 (2016) 213 300 (2015) Wolfsburg u.a. Wolfsburg Automotive

Medium-sized enterprises (less than 251 employees)

Company Employees Sales in million € Sites in Germany Headquarters Sector

Small business (less than 50 employees)

Company Employees Sales in million € Sites in Germany Headquarters Sector
CASAIO GmbH 8 (2017) 0.5 (2017) Güntersleben near Würzburg Güntersleben near Würzburg Smart Home, e-Learning