Mensch-Computer-Systeme B.Sc.
Human-Computer Interaction M.Sc.

Student Association – Ini MCS/HCI


Who we are

As a voluntary student association the Ini MCS/HCI* and its members want to take an active part in student life. We contribute in decisions, communicate and discuss feedback but we also carry out a number of events to enrich college life.

*FachschaftsInitiative Mensch-Computer-Systeme/Human-Computer Interaction

Want to take part?

Feel free to join us at our weekly meeting every Wednesday during semester at 4:00 p.m. in room 01.014 (Z6) or contact us in any other form.

Mitglieder FachIni Members from left to right: Jef, Maria, Lena, Johann, Lucas, David, Johanna, Rene, Anna-Lisa, Sebbo, Philipp, Huy, Sam, Jens (Not in the picture: Kilian, Maja, Johannes, Johannes, Kathi, Michi)

What we do


  • representation of student interests
  • mediation of critique
  • problem solving
  • feedback circle with the heads of chairs
  • acquisition of objects for students
  • collection of learning material


  • lecture series
  • freshman events (Ersti-Tag, Ersti-Party, Spieleabend, Ersti-Wochenende)
  • barbecue
  • bouldering
  • Gamescom
  • LAN

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