Human-Computer Interaction

Breaking Bad Behaviour



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This project aims at developing a novel type of Virtual Reality (VR) training system. This system should train teachers to efficiently handle chronic behavior issues happening in classroom (e.g., inattention, side conversation, or fighting). Teachers will be immersed into virtual classroom using a head mounted stereoscopic display, while seeing a replica of their body. They will be facing a group of virtual students partially controlled by pedagogical instructor(s). These instructors will trigger disrupting events as well as giving advices to the teacher. They will also be able to visualize and monitor the emotional state of the teacher (e.g. anger, anxiety) using psychophysiological (e.g. heart rate) and behavioral measurements (e.g. facial or body expressions). The system will be built on the top of the VR framework UnrealMe. The Social Signal Interpretation framework will be used to extract the teachers’ emotional state.


The development of a fully functional prototype is divided into five main tasks:

  1. Virtual Environment Design
  2. Training Scenario Description and Integration
  3. Trainee Interface (Teacher UI)
  4. Trainer Interface (Instructors UI)
  5. Project Website and Community


OO-Programming (Java, C++ or C#), Web Development (Javascript, HTML, CSS, Database), 3D Graphics (for 1. & 3.), Optional: Artificial Intelligence (for 2.), Optional: Game Engine Experience


Contact Persons at the University Würzburg

Jean-Luc Lugrin (Primary Contact Person)
Mensch-Computer-Interaktion, Universität Würzburg

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