Human-Computer Interaction Programs
The University of Würzburg offers the interdisciplinary bachelor course of Human-Computer Systems and the consecutive Master course of Human-Computer Interaction in the highly topical research field of human-computer interaction. Students are prepared for a career in a variety of intersections of psychology and computer science. In order to ensure a deepened interdisciplinary training, both courses are carried out cooperatively at the Faculty of Human Sciences, through the Chair of Psychological Ergonomics, as well as at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, through the Char of Human-Computer-Interaction.


Winter EXPO 2018
The Winter EXPO 2018 for MCS and HCI was a great success. We thank all the contributors and guests for participating. Congratulations to this year's visitor award winners and Tobias Gerling, Daniel Rapp, and Nadine Stenger who won the lecturer's award.
Invitation to the MCS/HCI EXPO - MCS and HCI students present their work!
Fourth Indie Outpost in Würzburg
A cordial invitation to the first Indie Outpost, an exchange platform for game developers, on 23 January 2018 starting at 7pm at Coworking Würzburg
UniZeit reports on Human-Computer Systems program
The newspaper UniZeit introduces the HCI bachelor program to pupils that are interested in IT and psychology.
Impressions of the "Event Cross Industry Innovations - Games Engineering"
The "Cross-Industry Innovation - Games Engineering" event was a great success. We thank all speakers and attendees for the inspiring exchange and fruitful discussions.
Informationsveranstaltung HCI Master
Am Mittwoch, 29.11.2017, findet um 16:00 eine Informationsveranstaltung über den Human-Computer Interaction Master an der JMU Würzburg statt.
World Usability Day Würzburg 2017
Der Lehrstuhl für Psychologische Ergonomie veranstaltet wieder den jährlichen World Usability Day Würzburg.
HFES 2017 in Austin, Texas
Zwei Human-Computer-Interaction Masterstudenten präsentierten auf der diesjährigen HFES eine Arbeit, die in Zusammenarbeit des Lehrstuhls Psychologische Ergonomie an der JMU Würzburg und der Missioklinik Würzburg entstanden ist.
Human-Computer Interaction at the MedienCampus in Munich
The chair for Human-Computer Interaction is presenting the programs HCI, Games Engineering, and Media Communication programs at the MedienCampus in Munich
Lecture series "Digitale Innovationen"
Invitation for the upcoming lecture series "Digitale Innovationen" starting in October 2017. Among the speakers are Prof. Brigit Lugrin and Prof. Sebastian von Mammen.
Impressions of the EXPO 2017
The joint EXPO 2017 for MCS, HCI and Games Engineering was a great success!
Human-Computer & Games EXPO
A cordial invitation to everybody to the Human-Computer & Games EXPO on 2 August 2017! You are invited to learn about and experience project works by our students enrolled in MCS, HCI and Games Engineering.
Präsentationspreis der MCS/HCI Exhibition WS 16/17
Wir gratulieren den diessemestrigen Gewinnern des Präsentationspreises der Exhibition der Studiengänge MCS und HCI.
MCS/HCI Exhibition WS 16/17
Herzliche Einladung zur öffentlichen Ausstellung aktueller Bachelor- und Masterprojekte.
Infoveranstaltung zum Master HCI
Am Mittwoch, den 07.12.2016, findet am Hubland Süd eine Infoveranstaltung zum Master-Studiengang HCI statt.
Herzlich Willkommen, Carolin Wienrich!
Wir begrüßen Carolin Wienrich herzlich am Institut für Mensch-Computer-Medien!
World Usability Day Würzburg 2016
Am Donnerstag, den 10. November, findet eine Tagung zum World Usability Day im Tagungszentrum der Festung Marienberg statt.
Infoveranstaltung zum Master HCI
Am Mittwoch, den 08.12.2015, findet am Hubland Süd eine Infoveranstaltung zum Master-Studiengang HCI statt.
HFES Konferenz 2015
Zwei Preise für eine Arbeit des Lehrstuhls für Psychologische Ergonomie an dem 59th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2015 in Los Angeles!
World Usability Day Würzburg 2015
Auch dieses Jahr findet eine Tagung zum World Usability Day im Tagungszentrum der Festung Marienberg statt.

Responsible Chairs

The Bachelor Human-Computer Systems and Master Human-Computer Interaction are offered in cooperation by the following chairs from the University of Würzburg in equal parts:

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