Human-Computer Interaction

Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Lugrin

Head of Digital Media Processing

Lecturer and Researcher in Real-Time Interactive Systems (Akademischer Rat)

Dr. Jean-Luc Lugrin studied Computer Science at the University of Lyon (France) and at Teesside University (England). After seven years as full-time principal lecturer in interactive real-time systems at Teesside University, he completed his PhD in 2010 in the area of intelligent virtual environments. In November 2012, he became assistant professor at the institute of human-computer interaction (HCI) at Würzburg University (Germany).

His research is interdisciplinary and oriented towards novel human-computer interfaces, combining virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, software engineering and entertainment computing. Since 2002, his work has been regularly published in major conferences (ACM VRST, ACM IUI, ACM Multimedia, IEEE ISMAR, ACM AAMAS) and journals (Presence, Vision Research, Intelligent Systems) of these domains. He has published over 60 papers on topics such as illusion of virtual body ownership, causal perception, AI-driven physics, immersive gaming, interactive storytelling or VR frameworks and benchmarks

Over the past years, Dr. Jean-Luc Lugrin has become an active member of the HCI teaching and research community, involved in numerous conference and workshop program committees (ACM IUI, ACM VRST, IEEE VR, ACHI, SEARIS) as well as dedicated university courses (3D User Interfaces, Realtime Interactive Systems, Software Quality, Concurrent and Network Programming, Multiplayer Online Games, Games Lab, HCI Seminars and projects supervision). His current research focuses on immersive user interfaces development and future applications.

Contact Details

Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Lugrin
Human-Computer Interaction
Universität Würzburg
Am Hubland
D-97074 Würzburg

Phone: +49 (0) 931 31 81704

Room: 1.023 (Building Computer Science / Physics, Hubland South)
Consultation-Hour: by appointment


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