Human-Computer Interaction

Prof. Dr. Sebastian von Mammen

Head of Group Games Engineering

Contact Details

Prof. Dr. Sebastian von Mammen
Chair of Human-Computer Interaction
Games Engineering
Department of Computer Science
Universität Würzburg
Am Hubland
D-97074 Würzburg

⌂	Room 01.009, Building M1, Hubland South

About me

In January 2017, I accepted my current position as a W2 professor (associate professorship) at the University of Würzburg’s Institute for Computer Science. I am heading the Games Engineering research group and we are part of the Chair for Human-Computer Interaction. Together, we are mainly responsible for the Games Engineering program of studies.

Until the end of 2016, I was a postdoc at the Chair of Organic Computing at the University of Augsburg, where I also did my habilitation. Before that, until 2012, I did a postdoc with the LINDSAY project at the University of Calgary. As part of the Evolutionary and Swarm Design research group, I received my PhD also at the University of Calgary in 2009. I moved there in 2006, right after I had finished my Diploma degree in Informatics at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

My research interests are:

Real-Time Interactive Systems (Visual Programming, Immersion, Software Engineering)

Interactive Simulations (Serious Games, Simulations in Health, Logistics, Construction,…)

Artificial Life (Self-Organisation, Adaptive Systems, Evolution)

Artificial Intelligence(Agent-Based Modeling, Procedural Content Generation)



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