Human-Computer Interaction

Research Demos

For Demo requests please contact Daniel Roth.
Breaking Bad Behaviors
In this demonstration, we present a collaborative VR training environment for teacher education.
Games Lab
In this demonstration, we present a collection of the best games produced by our BS.c Games Engineering Students.
GEtiT / GEtiT VR
GEtiT (Gamified Training Environment for Affine Transformations) achieves an interactive gamified 3D-training of affine transformations by requiring users to apply their affine transformation knowledge in order to solve challenging puzzles presented in an immersive and intuitive 3D environment.
In this demonstration, we present a novel type of VR game combining full avatar embodiment, first-person shooter and strategy game.
iLAST - Immersive Leg Coordination And Strength Therapy
In this project we developed an immersive Virtual Reality training system for post-operative therapy treatment after knee injuries.
Virtual Body Ownership
Users experience the perception of virtual bodies in immersive and semi immersive virtual environments.
Space Tentacles
This work presents a maintainable solution for realizing multimodal interfaces for Virtual Reality (VR) by means of a cherry-picking approach.
4D Browser
In this demonstration, we present a research environment for architectural historians.
In this demonstration, we present a novel type of hybrid reality research platform combinig ubiquitous computing, robotic and VR.
Virtual Operating Room
The project has been designed to fill gaps between actual medical training systems used for endovascular catheterization.
Virtual Gait Rehabilitation
This demonstration is part of a research project for assisted gait training in multiple sclerosis rehabilitation.
VRGait is an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) therapy system for gait rehabilitation.
In this demonstration, we present a social robot acting as a game master in an interactive tabletop role-playing game.
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