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2017 Summer Semester

NameType WueCampus SB@Home Documents
Interactive Computer Graphics / Interaktive Computergraphik Lecture (Bachelor) link link
Interactive Computer Graphics / Interaktive Computergraphik Exercise (Bachelor) link link
Interactive Artificial Intelligence Lecture + exercise (Bachelor) link link
Game Lab Lecture + project (Bachelor) link link
Multimodal Interfaces Lecture + exercise (Master)
3D User Interfaces Lecture + exercise (Master) link link
HCI Seminar / HCI Oberseminar Seminar (Master) - (delivered by Lehrstuhl für Psychologische Ergonomie)
Research Topics in Human - Englisch Computer Systems / Forschungsthemen der MCS Bachelor Kolloquium - (included in HCI Oberseminar)
Current Trends of Humand-Computer-Systems / Aktuells Trends des Mensch-Computer-Systeme Seminar (Bachelor) link link
Social Virtual Reality and the Augmented Human Seminar (Master) link link
Current Trends in HumanComputer Interaction / Aktuelle Trends der MCI Seminar (Bachelor) - Wahlpflichtbereich - (included in HCI Seminar)
Brain Computer Interfaces Lecture (Master/Bachelor) - Wahlpflichtbereich
MCS/HCI Exhibition Exhibition (Master/Bachelor) link
MCS/HCI Project Project (Master/Bachelor) link
MCS/HCI Thesis Thesis (Master/Bachelor) link
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