Computer Science IX
Human-Computer Interaction — Computer Science IX — University of Würzburg



Our teaching portfolio includes introductory as well as advanced courses in the areas of human-computer interaction, software development, programming, and computer graphics as well as special subjects on interactive systems, multimodal user interfaces, software technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality (VR, MR, and AR), and computer games. In addition we offer thesis and project topics with thematic priority on our ongoing research directions and projects.


We strongly encourage MCS and HCI students to use the GitLab server provided by the Institute for Computer Science. This GitLab server allows every MCS and HCI student to create projects and Git repositories to manage access and organize workflows.

MCS and HCI Students can create an account for themselves by visiting the Get-Account page.

Make use of OwnCloud for binaries. Information about the web services of the institute of computer science can be found on this wiki.


Hardware can borrowed from the Institute Human-Computer-Media on this page.

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