Human-Computer Interaction

COVID Regulations


Please read through the provided information carefully. Failing to comply can lead to a ban from the labs.

General Regulation

As of now, students are again allowed to stay in the buildings and rooms as well as on the traffic areas between events. However, in contrast to lectures and tutorials, students are required to wear masks there, regardless of whether the minimum distance is respected (reference: mail from the JMU Corona Task Force dated 15.10.21).

Mandatory QR code-based registration at entry to the labs for contact chain tracking (Digitale Kontaktnachverfolgung)

The following regulations inform the realization of the lab access.

Mandatory Hygiene and Lab Usage Rules

Beginning January 13th 2021, medical or FFP2 masks are mandatory in the lab spaces. Other masks are no longer allowed.

Please watch the following video carefully. It introduces the necessary precautions and rules for using the laboratories.

Legal Information