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Application Programming Interface (API) for designing Multimodal Interfaces


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Developers configure so called fusion methods to design and develop multimodal interfaces. However, fusion method APIs are commonly not optimized in terms of usability (for developers). This, in turn, hinders rapid development cycles that are common for the development of user interfaces. The following code excerpt demonstrates the API for configuring the cATN fusion method.


The aim of this project is to identify factors for increasing the API usability of fusion methods for natural multimodal interfaces. Therefore, one or more of the following methodologies should be conducted:





Zimmerer, C.; Fischbach, M.; Latoschik, M.E. Semantic Fusion for Natural Multimodal Interfaces using Concurrent Augmented Transition Networks. Multimodal Technologies Interact. 2018, 2, 81.

Example of a Natural Multimodal Interface

Check out more results of your fellow students who developed such interfaces at our Youtube Channel.

Contact Persons at the University Würzburg

Martin Fischbach (Primary Contact Person)
Human-Computer Interaction, Universität Würzburg

Chris Zimmerer
Human-Computer Interaction, Universität Würzburg

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